You spend over 20 years of your life sleeping. Your body is mostly passiv during this time. You want to increase the efficiency of your recreation phase and to sleep in a comfortable optimized atmosphere.

Luxury-Technology takes care of you during this delicate stage.

We offer personalized concepts to monitor the rhythm from falling asleep to waking up as well as your vital functions.

Luxury-Technology lets your body and mind wake up fresh and relaxed.

We provide optimal airquality to ensure a peaceful rest.



Speed is your friend and you want to drive safely. You do not want compromises regarding interior and display of your dream car.

Luxury-Technology upgrades your car according to your imagination and turns it into a unique piece of mobile engineering.

We offer precise custom tailored solutions from the best tuning experts all the way to the labs of futuristic concept cars.

Luxury-Technology produces automotive variations from the electric sports car to the bullet proof business limousine.

We always want you to enjoy your ride and we ensure that with our products.


Fitness Room

Your health is important to you. You want to stay mentally and physicall fit.
You like to move efficiently.

Luxury-Technology enables you to have an effektive training on a compact space.

We offer highly flexible training possibilities with diverse training plans.

Luxury Technology supports you at reaching your fitness goals.

We connect your training devices and analyse your performance for you.



Your kitchen is the source of numerous delights. You like to cook in a creative way. You want automation concepts in the kitchen and at the dining table that add to your culinary experience.

Luxury-Technology lets you arrive at the next level of cooking by letting you have full control over all your appliances.

We offer exclusive new equipment and integrate already existing ones into one integral cuisine concept.

Luxury-Technology allows you to become a star chef.

We also offer an automatic cooking robot that prepares the set menu you wish for.



Your living room should be extraordinary. Exactly like you. You want a living experience with excellent quality and special technical solutions. Luxury-Technology enables you to realize all of you individual imaginations and opens new ways into habition worlds. We offer a lot more than entertainment systems and automated illumination systems. Luxury-Technology reveals the future of living. We move your living area with robotic components and thus transfrom your environment from a lounge to a dancefloor and into your homecinema.



The ocean is your big love. You want to enjoy the comfort of your home even on high seas. You look beyond the horizon and want a yacht which is as diverse as your lust for travel.

Luxury-Technology offers the possibility to make the most of the space that is available.

We make everything possible on sea that already seemed impossible on land and reveal diverse applications for the ideal usage of space with our robotic wall and ceiling systems.

Luxury-Technology designs multifunctional rooms and thus increases their limited number.

We shatter your image of a yacht in its fundamentals and enable you to move it without being limited to the water itself.



You have built up a collection of fine automobiles with enthusiasm. You want to present your precious vehicles from the best side. You would like to present them in a unusual way that displays their special value

Luxury-Technology opposes the usage of the garage as mere storage space with a modern understanding as archiving and exhibiting room.

We offer special solutions from the integrated care and wash system to the fully integrated repair and conservation platform for sports cars and old-timers.

Luxury-Technology individualizes elegant and robotically augmented storage systems, which turn the garage into a show case.

We automatically place your car even in the tightest parking lots and let you select the car of the day.



You spend countless hours above the clouds. You want to spend this period of time as though you were in heaven. Your pleasure or work shall always be in the first place, depending on what you fish for.

Luxury-Technology ensures that you can optimally use the scarce space in your plane.

We offer individual interiors with multifunctional usage beyond the known spectrum.

Luxury-Technology surrounds you with a comfortable environment of a working and living space that supports your energy and efficency.

We make sure you have a pleasant and productive flight.



You have a passion for swimming and spent nearly as much time in water than on land. You like to be active and regenerate afterwards. Luxury-Technology offers solutions from the jet stream to the whirlpool. We offer user-friendly interfaces to control the entire pool area from air and water temperature to water fountains and showers as well as

environment transformation. Luxury-Technology turns your pool into the ocean of a swimming park. We generate user specific illumination and room concepts and turn your pool into a dance floor by the touch of a button.



You start and end your day with a visit in the bathroom. Privacy and hygiene are essential to you.
You also want to relax and enjoy yourself.

Luxury-Technology offers amenities by personalized wellness treatments.

We offer efficiency and help to safe water by optimizing your washing and skincare area whilst turning it into an automated wellness oasis.

Luxury-Technology opens your eyes for a new perception of mirrors and furniture by virtue of implemented media screens.

We bring global news and stock exchange into your bathroom to give you a head start into the day.



Your home is an embodiment of your personality.
You want to feel comfortable and safe inside.

Luxury-Technology helps you to individualize your home and let it become inimitable, just like you.

We additionally offer the delevopment and optimization of your private refuges security-system.

Luxury-Technology offers personal security solutions of unknown efficiency.

We transform your world,with special robotic solutions, in a wide range from the outside to the inside of your home, from the deck to the helicopter landing.

Unique Visions.

Everything is possible.

We bring your most extraordinary ideas and visions to life.
Exclusively for you we reinvent your world: From individualized gadgets for everyday use to breathtaking kinetic toys.

We plan, develop and realize your innovative ideas and dreams.
Let us make your life easier and richer, elate you and provide ultimate fun and delight.

Luxury-Technology provides unique and individual high-tech robotic solutions.

We use state of the art components and combine them on a system level to create something that has never been experienced before.
Our wide network includes many research facilities, robotic companies and experts from different disciplines that are dynamically connected to each project to provide the best possible results.

Welcome to Luxury Technology.